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Monday, July 16, 2018
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  • Catholic singles encouraged to make gift of self at national conference
    International Catholic speaker Hudson Byblow kicked off his presentation at the National Catholic Singles Conference in Bloomington with a little Star Wars Jedi wit.
  • For couples celebrating 70 and 35 years of marriage, happiness is not found in material things
    As Diana Dickhute spoke to her friend on the phone, she didn’t know that her future husband of 70 years was listening in.
  • After fleeing communist Cuba, married couple of 52 years met at Spanish Mass in Washington
    Every morning, Jorge Duarte makes a cup of Cuban coffee and brings it to his wife of 52 years, giving her a taste of the country they are both from, but for a long time could never return to.
  • What I wish I had known when I got engaged
    When I got married in August, my wedding day was filled with joy. Eight months later, I am happy to report that the joy has only continued and multiplied since that day. But I’ll be honest – wedding planning was not my favorite activity, to say the least. As Pope Francis describes, the details of wedding planning “tend to drain not only the budget but energy and joy as well” (Amoris Laetitia, 212).
  • Expecting the unexpected
    Each year couples who attend our marriage preparation classes come with the hope to start a new life with the blessing of God.
  • Married love is a generous love
    If you are preparing for marriage, you might enjoy watching the classic 1950s movie Father of the Bride. The opening scene introduces Stanley T. Banks, the forlorn father convincingly portrayed by Spencer Tracy, who reflects back on the family’s comedic panic that went into planning his daughter’s wedding.
  • Teaching couple says Natural Family Planning offers theological, environmental and relational benefits
    In Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis wrote, “begetting and raising children, for its part, mirrors God’s creative work.” To preserve both the unitive and procreative dimensions of conjugal love that allow married couples to participate in this work of creation, the Catholic Church teaches that couples should use Natural Family Planning (NFP) rather than artificial contraceptives.
  • Survey: Women say Eucharist, helping poor is what it means to be Catholic
    American Catholic women are increasingly disengaged from the church although they remain affiliated and say helping the poor and receiving the Eucharist are the most important aspects of what it means to be Catholic.
  • Christmases of fun and faith
    Advent, a time of waiting and preparation, often gets a bit of a short shrift. It’s hard to not think ahead to Christmas, and our school and church activities begin to transition to the Christmas spirit sooner than Dec. 25. Waiting is difficult, especially when you’re excited about something, and for most of us, Christmas is a joyful time of family, friendship and fun. I hope that deep down inside it is also a time of faith.
  • Advent and infertility: Rediscovering a season of hope
    Advent is meant to be a season of hope and expectation. We're busy getting ready for Christmas, and, in the middle of all the shopping, wrapping, baking, and decorating, we're preparing ourselves spiritually for the coming of Christ.
  • The ‘Little Way’ to a big Advent
    Like all boys and girls, I loved Christmas when I was growing up. I loved the excitement of the Christmas trees, cookies, decorations and, of course, the presents from Santa Claus and my family. It was a magical time, and I still enjoy seeing Christmas through the eyes of children and their joy as they prepare for this wonderful season.
  • Christ’s love inspires us to accompany people with special needs, says homilist at White Mass
    All Christians are called to walk together in hope, trust and forgiveness, accompanying those who struggle and the marginalized in society, said the homilist at the eighth annual White Mass.
  • At home with Our Lady of Fatima
    One hundred years ago, in the tiny remote Portuguese hill town of Fatima, the Mother of God appeared on the 13th day of the month from May to October 1917, to three young shepherd children, delivering an urgent heavenly message of penance, prayer and sacrifice necessary for the conversion of sinners and peace on earth.
  • Conference offers a journey of hope to divorced Catholics
    Standing among a crowd of other divorced and separated people, one woman struggled to speak over still-painful emotions.
  • Advocates urge more awareness about natural family planning options
    There are plenty of myths that surround natural family planning, but advocates say the Catholic Church can help dispel those myths and raise an awareness of which fertility-awareness options exist for married couples that embrace church teaching.
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